Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Technology Is the Answer – What was the Question? Professor Daniel

This is a fairly balanced paper which sets out to convince us that technology will answer the needs of education – the needs being access, quality and cost. How can more people receive a quality education at a lower cost? Daniel asserts that using technology is the answer. And he would seem to be right by virtue of the rise of the MOOC. But how much quality do we get from the MOOC? I read a blog yesterday that suggested this MOOC had been well prepared, planned and presented but the blogger had been on another MOOC that was obviously vastly different. So there are MOOCs and there are MOOCs. But there is no doubt in my mind that technology can assist in lowering costs in education/learning. Here’s a simple example: Yesterday my Payserv team undertook a ‘Finance for Non-Financial Managers’ course. We used the FD and another member of his staff to present the learning; we were given exercises to do. But prior to attending the course we were provided with an URL to access in which we could learn the definitions of various financial and book-keeping terms so that when we arrived we knew these. This was time saving and therefore cost saving.


  1. very interesting blog david! your perspective on e-learning in a business setting is fascinating...keep it up

  2. Thanks - have you read my blog on our LIPZ e-learning program?