Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It is 5.:00 am. I watch “INBOX”. Two young Indians make contact through ‘carry-bags’ inadvertently switched in a store where they bought separate personal purchases. The carry bags are ‘magic’ and turn into a representation of laptops that can create e-mail/chat exchanges. All is fine while the ‘technology’ works but when one of them – the male – in excitement breaks his carry-box the contact breaks down. Message to me is that technology is a wonderful tool for making emotional contact with others but only when it works properly. When it doesn’t work it is a curse. The good news of this clip is that the two eventually find each other without the aid of technology and re-create their relationship. Other good news about this is that this morning it only took me 15 minutes to download this 9 minute clip – so that’s a good sign too! I get through this in 30 minutes flat! Technology is utopia when it works, dystopia when it breaks (or like my painfully slow downloads, doesn't work like it should)

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